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About Martin Luther King Jr. Middle School


Martin Luther King Jr. Day celebrations in Palm Springs area


Mission: The vision of Martin Luther King, Jr. Middle School is to ensure success for all of our students by creating an inquiry-based learning environment where students question and investigate the world around them. Further, by design, we seek to cultivate academic excellence, personal growth, and life-long learning.To surpass expectations of success for all academic requirements   We seek to develop critical and innovative thinkers.  

Our mission will be attained by:

  • Supporting instruction with purposeful intervention and continual student assessment
  • Creating and maintaining active partnerships with our student, parents, and community
  • Promoting social skills applicable to everyday life  

Vision: The vision of Martin Luther King, Jr. Middle School is to strive for success for all of our students in order to achieve academic excellence, enhance personal growth, and promote the development of self-discipline in a caring and secure environment.  Our mission is to surpass expectations of the success of all academic requirements.  In doing so, we seek to develop students into knowledgeable and productive citizens-in-partnership with our community.  We are achieving these goals through the development of basic skills in reading, writing, mathematics, science, social studies, communication, and social skills.  Additionally, we are proactive in this pursuit through the implementation of the following plan of action:

  • To help students reach their full potential
  • To make data-driven adjustments to school programs to differentiate instruction that meets individual differences, capacities, learning styles, and abilities
  • To establish instructional programs that foster student competence in all academic subjects.
  • To emphasize the importance of self-respect and mutual respect among students
  • To promote self-discipline and ownership for personal decisions and actions
  • To provide a safe and secure environment

The staff will help each child reach his or her goal by communicating and implementing expectations with students, parents, and the community. We remain focused on exceeding the accreditation requirements as we strive to maintain high expectations and the pursuit of excellence and everyday and embrace Martin Luther King Middle School 2014-2015 theme: "Achieve the Dream!"





Philosophy: Martin Luther King, Jr. Middle School supports the federal, state, and local mandates to provide the Standards of Quality in public school education and the objectives of the Richmond Public Schools' system.  Our goals at Martin Luther King, Jr. Middle School are inclusive of embracing the concept of student-centered teaching and learning techniques that are informed by the utilization of data that identifies the idiosyncratic needs of each child.  Implementation of these techniques will promote a copious school program that is adaptable in its response to the assessment, identification, and analysis of the ever-changing needs of students.  We believe that a broad, flexible competent and dedicated staff provides the basic means for helping our students realize their maximum potential.  This school is committed to the employment of all acceptable activities that are a substantive and vital part of the education process.

As we prepare former elementary school students for high school, higher education and career advancement, we acknowledge this to be a challenging journey that requires a total commitment to each child.  We believe that there must be continuity in the lives of our students.   Mutual understanding and cooperation between the home and the school in improving the general welfare of children are imperative if the education of the whole child is to be realized.  It is incumbent upon the school to make its facilities, staff, and resources of information more available to the community.  We believe that character building is innate in the total education of students.  The school should provide opportunities for the students to learn about and internalize the concepts of citizenship, leadership, loyalty, and appreciation for the rights of others.  The school should provide opportunities and guidance in the selection of wholesome physical activities that contribute to the well being of all students.

We believe that high priority must be given to the preparation of our students who live in a global society.  Ultimately, the school must assist in the acquisition of the skills, attitudes, understandings, and ideals necessary for becoming active, participating, and contributing members of a global community.  The teacher is one of the school's most valuable resources.  Therefore, teachers will provide lessons that are student-centered and inquiry-based.  The teacher will use assessment data to plan and organize daily, weekly, and semester instruction in a systematic way that aligns teaching and learning with the best current curriculum and instructional practices.  Teachers shall demonstrate concern for the students and commit themselves to full collaboration in planning programs for the school.

We believe that our school is an integral part of the community it serves and we strive to maximize all aspects of adolescent growth inclusive of academic, social, emotional and physical development.  Recognizing our position and function as one of the institutions whose responsibility is the transmission of the cultural mores and academic skills that will produce independent, knowledgeable, and productive members of society.  Additionally, we shall contribute to community improvement efforts and shall form partnerships drawing upon resources to help us meet our objectives.


Additional Information:


Grand Opening January 6, 2014


Martin Luther King Jr. Middle School was built October 2012.




All students are performing at their highest potential in a rigorous learning environment.


"I Am King"




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