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Staff Directory


Name Department Email
Dabney, Inett Principal
Couther, Pamela Assistant Principal-7th grade
Murrary, Clifton Assistant Principal-8th grade
Smith, Davell Assistant Principal-6th grade
Dr. Hopkins    
School Counselors    
Carter, Jeffrey 6th grade School Counselor
Carter, Timothy 8th grade School Counselor
Scott, Salena 7th grade School Counselor-Lead
Pullen, Keyla ICC
Front Office Staff    
Anderson, Priscilla Office Associate
Henderson, Carolyn Office Associate/Attendance Worker
Hunter, Pamela Office Associate, Registrar
Shaw, Chanell Administrative Assistant
Allmond, Nicholas Teacher-English-07
Archer, Marcus Teacher-SPED
Bailey, Monica Teacher-Math-07
Baines, Shawnea Teacher-Science-06&07
Baker, Kathleen Teacher-Elective-Orchestra
Barnes, Rodney Teacher-Elective-STEM
Brackett, Tiffany Teacher-Science-08
Brackett, Wautausa Teacher-SPED
Brown, Dominique Teacher-English-06
Burden, Charita Teacher-History-06
Chung-Yoo Teacher-Science-06
Cooper, Shacel Teacher-Elective-Spanish
Debose Jr., Michael Title 1 Math Interventionist/Math 180
Dick, Dwayne "Mr. O" Teacher-English-08
Duncan, Bealalea Teacher-History-08
Dunlap, Cynthia Title 1 Math Interventionist/Math 180
Edgerton, Sarah Teacher-Math-06
Eiker, John Teacher-English-06
Fries, Antoine Teacher-SPED
Ghianni, Joann Teacher-Math-06&07
Glasper, Christopher Teacher-Math-06
Grant, Nicole Teacher-SPED
Gregory, Latonney Teacher-Elective-Keyboarding
Hairston, Devanee Teacher-SPED
Harris, Kristina Teacher-SPED
Hayward-Jones, Sandra Teacher-Elective-Gifted&Talented
Henderson, Alroy Flex Sub
Hill, Briton Teacher-Elective-Technology
Hinton, Renise Teacher-English-06&07
Johnson, Kimberly Teacher-English-08
Johnson, Larry Math Coach
Jones, Demeiko Teacher-Math-08
Jones, Deena Teacher-SPED
Jones, Mack Teacher-Elective-Band
Jones, Pamela Teacher-SPED
Layne, Virgilia Teacher-History-07
Lovett, Kevin Teacher-History-07
Mansfield, Adam Teacher-English-07
Mask, Jerimy Teacher-English-7
Mitchell, Carolyn Teacher-SPED-High Incident Students
Mullins, Karen Literacy Coach
Newberg, Dorian Teacher-Elective-FACS
Rinaldi, Zorian Teacher-SPED
Roberts, Karen Teacher-Elective-Language Live
Robinson, Dustin Teacher-Math-08
Smith, Emonie Teacher-SPED
Smoot, Raven Teacher-Math-07
Stewart-Daily, Patricia Teacher-SPED
Taylor, Troy Teacher-SPED
Thompson, Earl Teacher-SPED/6th Grade Admin Assistant
Tweedy, Alajuwon Teacher-Elective-Health&P.E.
Walker, Holly Teacher-SPED-Low Incident Students
Watson, Loretta Teacher-Science-07
Weaver, Jessica Teacher-Elective-Chorus
Wendel, Anne Teacher-Elective-Title 1 Reading
Wilkins, Travis Teacher-SPED
Williams, Jasmine Teacher-Elective-Health&P.E.
Wilson, Ciera Teacher-Elective-Dance
Wilson, Quintonya Teacher-Math-06&07
Instructional Assistants    
Barner, Calvin With Ms. Layne
Bond, Ronald With Mr. Robinson
Brown-Wilson, Lolita With Ms. Chung
Lilly, Jackie With Ms. Mitchell  
McClay, Deyonte With Ms. Baines
Robinson, Sharon With Ms. Walker
Sanders, Joelle (Johnson With Ms. Burden
Tennessee, Wallesha With Mr. Mask
Student and Staff Support    
Kirkland, Tabitha Librarian
Spurell, Lonnie Restorative Caring Space
Moore, Christopher Restorative Caring Space
Dr. Bhagat, Ram Sankofa Mindfulness Room
Williams, Ashley Sankofa Mindfulness Room
Ponton, Jennifer Boys and Girls Club
Scales, Sharon School Nurse
Evans, Brent ITRT
Lee, Nicole Speech Pathologist
Officer May School Resource Officer  
DePriest, Tameka Communities In Schools
Vaughan, Marquetta Cafeteria Manager  
Shepsu School Social Worker
Ms Heckel Child Savers
Care and Safety Associates    
Booker, Andre 7th grade  
Chambliss, Dana 8th grade  
Crawford, Altece Electives  
Elam, Calvin 6th grade  
Miller, Pamela floater  
Ortiz, Joanne Sergeant /floater  
Custodial Staff    
Moore, Arsenio Crew Chief  
Harris, Shirley    
Higgs, Joseline    
Randolph, Ivory    
Terry, Larry    
Mr. McCray    
Mr. Cooper