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A.T.O.M. STEM Academy at MLK

Welcome to the A.T.O.M. STEM Academy!

Our Vision

Empowering and inspiring all students to demonstrate interpersonal competencies in STEM skills and proficiency to be globally competitive citizens. 


Our Mission

The A.T.O.M. STEM Academy through meaningful use of technology, engaging students in locally relevant project-based learning with unique community partnerships, while celebrating cultural diversity to build interpersonal competencies in STEM skills, will prepare students to be globally competitive citizens.


What is STEM?

STEM is a curriculum based on the idea of educating students in four specific disciplines — 

science, technology, engineering and mathematics — in an interdisciplinary and applied approach. Rather than teach the four disciplines as separate and discrete subjects, STEM integrates them into a cohesive learning paradigm based on real-world applications.

What separates STEM from the traditional science and math education is the blended learning environment and showing students how the scientific method can be applied to everyday life. It teaches students computational thinking and focuses on the real world applications of problem solving. As mentioned before, STEM education begins while students are very young.

STEM education in Richmond Public Schools empowers student ownership of content and process by using the knowledge and skills of science, technology, math, and engineering to collaboratively tackle locally relevant, real-world challenges. Interdisciplinary design of curriculum with meaningful integration of technology allows RPS students to recognize the value of education beyond the classroom. The classrooms and schools represent one link in a larger STEM ecosystem that includes local businesses, universities, hospitals, municipalities, libraries, museums, after-school providers, and other interested stakeholders who will work to cultivate opportunities for students. Invoking the 5 C’s (critical thinking, creative thinking, communication, collaboration, and citizenship skills) and the competencies outlined in the Virginia Profile of a Graduate, the RPS STEM program is designed to nurture the curiosity and passion for learning within each student and prepare them for the 21st century skills necessary for life beyond high school graduation. 

Introduction to the MLK ATOM Stem Academy